Cynthia Jennings has served as a Councilwoman in the City of Hartford since January 20, 2012. She is a Civil Rights Attorney and an Environmental Attorney-licensed to practice in Connecticut State and Federal Courts. Jennings chairs the Hartford City Council Parks, Public Works and Environment Committee, is a member of the School Building Committee, the Budget, Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committees, and she has introduced resolutions, policies and program support in the following areas:

  1. Conducted a Town Hall Meeting to address the issue of exclusion of Hartford residents from jobs in the city of Hartford.
  1. Established the Hartford Hires Task Force to investigate and make recommendations to the City Council, as to why Hartford residents have double digit unemployment rates, while surrounding towns have less than half of the amount of unemployment than the Capitol City.
  1. Obtained funding for an employment data base ( that allows Hartford residents to register for employment. Hartford residents can also register to vote on this website without leaving their homes.
  1. Developed a pilot summer program that placed 30 Hartford youth in city departments to train our youth how to run the city of Hartford.
  1. Introduced a resolution requiring unions, non-profit organizations and companies receiving tax abatements or other services from the City to register their job openings on website.

       6. Introduced a resolution requiring the City of Hartford and the Hartford Public Schools to post all of their    job openings on the website.

  1. Established a Task Force to investigate ways to provide tax relief to Hartford Residents and Hartford based businesses who must currently pay 100% of the cost of snow removal, street maintenance, fire protection and police protection for commuters coming into the City to work.
  1. Introduced a resolution requiring Hartford Police Officers to wear body cameras.
  1. Introduced a resolution for parents, whose children receive Medicaid services, to have the right to choose whether or not their children have a choice as to whether they have mercury (a nerve poison) fillings in their teeth, or fillings that do not contain mercury.
  1. Supported a resolution calling for legislation to address the issue of dangerous toxic (poison) chemicals in children’s products
  1. Introduced a resolution in support of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposal to clarify protection of streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act. This resolution protects the drinking water for more than two million Connecticut residents.
  1. Currently working with local environmental groups and the State to rebuild and redevelop theMunicipal Solid Waste (MSW) trash incinerator in Hartford. A cleaner trash incinerator will clean up the air and reduce the high rate of asthma among Black and Latino children in Hartford.
  1. Created a 59% drop in Juvenile Arrests in the City of Hartford by working with the Chief of Police to remove police officers from the elementary schools in Hartford. Children as young as nine years old were being arrested and subjected to court hearings and police records.
  1. Developed a resolution to oppose the gas pipeline slated to be constructed under the West Hartford reservoir. This gas pipeline will threaten our drinking water.
  1. Established a task force to investigate ways that the City of Hartford can ensure that the State of Connecticut pays the property taxes that they owe to the City of Hartford for State buildings in Hartford Under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program, Requiring the State pay taxes they owe to Hartford will help reduce property taxes on Hartford residents and Hartford businesses.
  1. Established a task force to address the high automobile insurance rates that Hartford residents pay because thousands of commuters drive into Hartford every day and have accidents here. Because of the accidents that commuters have in Hartford, Hartford residents pay higher car insurance rates. These same commuters go home to the suburbs and pay lower car insurance rates.
  1. Headed up the movement to pass legislation to obtain $100 million dollars in State monies to renovate Weaver High School.  Assisted in getting this legislation marshalled through community groups, the School Building Committee, and the legislature.
  1. Wrote a resolution to address the Inequitable funding of programs for HIV infected individuals and their partners, to ensure that Black and Latinos infected with the AIDS virus, and their partners have equal access to a drug called “Prep,” that will prevent the partners of individuals infected with HIV from contracting the disease. This resolution also calls for quarterly reporting to the Hartford City Council, of all non-profit organizations that the Council votes on, that are funded to provide services to Hartford residents. Reporting must include 1) the type of services they are funded to provide 2) Who they currently serve 3) how much money they receive 4) how many staff they have, and 5) how many staff are Hartford residents. Every one of these non-profit organizations is required to post their job openings on the website.

About ceo1fsp

I grew up in a family surrounded by the arts and was raised in a renaissance manner. What that means is that I was taught to explore and use all that which is art in a wide variety of genres, dance (classical), voice (classical, gospel, R&B, Jazz), visual arts, writing, and labor (carpentry and plumbing). I also play keyboards, various wind and percussion instruments. I was also instilled with a strong sense of social justice and service, to give back the gifts that I have. I have been involved in theater and the arts all of my life and come from a long line of family singers, dancers and artists in a wide genre. Having a treasure of mentors and teachers in life has been pivotal in my training and shaping my talent. As a young student, I attended The Albano Ballet and Performing Arts Center for a number of years, working under Joseph Albano, a renown teacher who was trained by Rudolf Nureyev and Vaslav Nijinsky. Through Albano's mentoring and training, I was cast as a secondary lead dancer (and sang in the chorus) in the former Connecticut Opera Company's massive opera production of Verdi's "Aida" in 1991. The production celebrated Connecticut Opera's 50th anniversary season and the performance was billed as "the world's largest production" of Verdi's "Aida." George Osborne was general director, David Morelock was director, Michael Uthoff choreographer and Willie Waters the conductor of the production. The production consisted of a 350-member chorus, a 65-piece orchestra, a large number of dancers, a set with 80-foot pyramids, 20 horses, 4 camels, 2 elephants and 1 zebra. I performed in the same manner in an equally impressive production by Connecticut Opera of Puccinni's "Turrandot." My three years with Connecticut Opera were primarily singing roles. Performing in productions on the scale of "Aida" and "Turrandot" did a great deal to help shape my appreciation for stage production, direction and the fact that anything is possible with hard work, discipline and commitment. I sought to work in film on stage and was cast as extra in "Daddy I Don't Like it This Way," a movie that tracks the lives of a middle-class couple, struggling with life's obstacles. The husband (Burt Young), is frustrated by his inability to fulfill his own dreams. The wife (Talia Shire) struggles with emotional and intellectual immaturity. Both take out their hostilities on their son (Doug McKeon), whose answer is to retreat into his own world. Young and Shire were best known at the time (1978) for their supporting roles in Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky." While the role was as an extra, my time spent on the set provided me the opportunity to watch, listen and learn. Comparable to my debut as a stage director with the "The Door," this was the first directorial assignment for Adell Aldrich, daughter of "cult" director Robert Aldrich. I have sung in various church choirs and performed in high school plays. My summers were spent at various music camps, including The Hartford Stage Youth Program under Clay Stevenson, The Hartt Summer Youth Program with world renown conductor Moshe Paronov, and the Wesleyan University Center For Creative Youth where I studied acting, drama, mime, modern dance, music theory and poetry. I also studied voice with Thomas and Susan Brooks at Hart School Of Music and sang with the Connecticut All City Choir under Dr. Gerald Mack

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