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White America vs Black America who


The Pimps Rally

The backlash from exposing Al Sharpton is something I have never spoke about. President Boyze Kimber of the Ct Baptist Convention called and offered Executive Producer J Stan McCauley a large sum of money to have me removed from the air. He demanded that I be punished.

In the north ened of Hartford there is a church on almost every corner and I dare to say that most of the pastors do not live in the community they supposedly sheppard. This is pimpism at its best.


Im just a soldier

Source: Im just a soldier

Im just a soldier

Please keep Army Sgt Richie Holloway Jr. and his family in your prayers. He passed away very shortly after returning from his deployment overseas.
A resident of Hartford CT, he leaves behind several young children.
We appreciate your service Sgt Holloway. You will not be forgotten.


Accomplishments of Cynthia R. Jennings, Councilwoman, City of Hartford

Cynthia Jennings has served as a Councilwoman in the City of Hartford since January 20, 2012. She is a Civil Rights Attorney and an Environmental Attorney-licensed to practice in Connecticut State and Federal Courts. Jennings chairs the Hartford City Council Parks, Public Works and Environment Committee, is a member of the School Building Committee, the Budget, Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committees, and she has introduced resolutions, policies and program support in the following areas:

  1. Conducted a Town Hall Meeting to address the issue of exclusion of Hartford residents from jobs in the city of Hartford.
  1. Established the Hartford Hires Task Force to investigate and make recommendations to the City Council, as to why Hartford residents have double digit unemployment rates, while surrounding towns have less than half of the amount of unemployment than the Capitol City.
  1. Obtained funding for an employment data base ( that allows Hartford residents to register for employment. Hartford residents can also register to vote on this website without leaving their homes.
  1. Developed a pilot summer program that placed 30 Hartford youth in city departments to train our youth how to run the city of Hartford.
  1. Introduced a resolution requiring unions, non-profit organizations and companies receiving tax abatements or other services from the City to register their job openings on website.

       6. Introduced a resolution requiring the City of Hartford and the Hartford Public Schools to post all of their    job openings on the website.

  1. Established a Task Force to investigate ways to provide tax relief to Hartford Residents and Hartford based businesses who must currently pay 100% of the cost of snow removal, street maintenance, fire protection and police protection for commuters coming into the City to work.
  1. Introduced a resolution requiring Hartford Police Officers to wear body cameras.
  1. Introduced a resolution for parents, whose children receive Medicaid services, to have the right to choose whether or not their children have a choice as to whether they have mercury (a nerve poison) fillings in their teeth, or fillings that do not contain mercury.
  1. Supported a resolution calling for legislation to address the issue of dangerous toxic (poison) chemicals in children’s products
  1. Introduced a resolution in support of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposal to clarify protection of streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act. This resolution protects the drinking water for more than two million Connecticut residents.
  1. Currently working with local environmental groups and the State to rebuild and redevelop theMunicipal Solid Waste (MSW) trash incinerator in Hartford. A cleaner trash incinerator will clean up the air and reduce the high rate of asthma among Black and Latino children in Hartford.
  1. Created a 59% drop in Juvenile Arrests in the City of Hartford by working with the Chief of Police to remove police officers from the elementary schools in Hartford. Children as young as nine years old were being arrested and subjected to court hearings and police records.
  1. Developed a resolution to oppose the gas pipeline slated to be constructed under the West Hartford reservoir. This gas pipeline will threaten our drinking water.
  1. Established a task force to investigate ways that the City of Hartford can ensure that the State of Connecticut pays the property taxes that they owe to the City of Hartford for State buildings in Hartford Under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program, Requiring the State pay taxes they owe to Hartford will help reduce property taxes on Hartford residents and Hartford businesses.
  1. Established a task force to address the high automobile insurance rates that Hartford residents pay because thousands of commuters drive into Hartford every day and have accidents here. Because of the accidents that commuters have in Hartford, Hartford residents pay higher car insurance rates. These same commuters go home to the suburbs and pay lower car insurance rates.
  1. Headed up the movement to pass legislation to obtain $100 million dollars in State monies to renovate Weaver High School.  Assisted in getting this legislation marshalled through community groups, the School Building Committee, and the legislature.
  1. Wrote a resolution to address the Inequitable funding of programs for HIV infected individuals and their partners, to ensure that Black and Latinos infected with the AIDS virus, and their partners have equal access to a drug called “Prep,” that will prevent the partners of individuals infected with HIV from contracting the disease. This resolution also calls for quarterly reporting to the Hartford City Council, of all non-profit organizations that the Council votes on, that are funded to provide services to Hartford residents. Reporting must include 1) the type of services they are funded to provide 2) Who they currently serve 3) how much money they receive 4) how many staff they have, and 5) how many staff are Hartford residents. Every one of these non-profit organizations is required to post their job openings on the website.

Pimps for Pastors

HARTFORD—Challenged by a local pastor who called him a charlatan, Rev. Al Sharpton calmly pulled a $1,000 out of his jacket pocket and suggested it be used to help build a memorial for victims of violence.

“I want to be here to see a memorial for the young people that have died,” Sharpton said Saturday during a speech at Shiloh Baptist Church in Hartford. “I want the names and their stories up so children can see they don’t want to be on that wall.”

The speech was part of an anti-violence event to address the five homicides that took place in Hartford over the last two-and-a-half weeks, four of which were shootings.

The event was organized by the Concerned Pastors of Greater Hartford, but not everyone was excited to see Sharpton in Hartford.

“How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money,” Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tavernacle yelled at Sharpton as he made his way down the center aisle of the fully-packed church. “You’re nothing but a pimp,” he continued, referencing the request made by the previous speaker that every pastor and preacher donate $100 to Sharpton’s nonprofit civil rights organization.


Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis of Christ the Cornerstone Praise and Western Tavernacle

Sharpton, who reportedly owes more than $4 million in state and federal taxes, was quick to redirect the attention of the several-hundred person crowd to his podium.

He did so by calmly drawing $1,000 in cash from the pocket of his suit.

“Everything that you all raise will go to a memorial,” he said. “..For the lives that could have gone on to cure cancer. Lives that could have been the next President of the United States.”

He went on to preach about the value of self-worth and communal unity, addressing a mostly black crowd.

Sharpton remains a controversial figure. While continuously preaching the necessity body cameras for all police officers, federal oversight of police violence and the demilitarization of local police to audiences of Black members and allies, Sharpton has had a history of supporting political candidates, who don’t represent those interests.

Jarvis, who was about to be escorted out of the church after his comments but instead retreated to the back, criticized Sharpton for using community-building as a veil for “coming into a community where people are struggling for jobs, struggling for money, and demanding money to speak.”


March to Shiloh Baptist Church

But despite the charges against him, it was clear that Sharpton’s Hartford audience drew energy and motivation from his sermon. “There’s gonna be a change from now on,” and “We’re gonna take back these streets” the crowd commented as it left the church.

Before they settled into the pews, over 100 of the audience members had marched the two miles from Mt. Moriah Baptist Church to Shiloh Baptist Church in order to demonstrate their anti-violence values to their community.

“No more shooting, no more dying, no more killing, in our community,” the crowd yelled in call-and-response fashion as they marched.

Since May 16, four people have been shot to death and more than a half dozen were wounded in shootings, including a pastor. From January until May 16, there were 49 shooting victims in Hartford, according to the Hartford Police Department’scrime statistics.

Jarvis said localized efforts are an important first step toward communal change.

“We’re setting in place classes where people can come for credit repair, establishing credit, home ownership, creating a resume, how to look for a job, mock interviews… that’s how you empower people, not creating memorials.”

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Boat To Obama

Dont miss this epic event April 22 2015 at The Bushnell Theater in Hartford CT Written by Mary Taylor, Produced By Mary Taylor, Co Produced by Marcus Mosiah Jarvis and Directed by Marcus Mosiah Jarvis Asst Director Angela M. Newsome This is a story about a great people who defied the odds, lived through hell and have come out on the other side. Here are some old clips This year I will be also starring as The King and President Elect Borack Obama to God be the Glory

Prayers Up For Legendary Gospel Singer Andraé Crouch

Prayers Up For Legendary Gospel Singer Andraé Crouch.

Prayers Up For Legendary Gospel Singer Andraé Crouch

our prayers are with you


andrae crouch

Legendary Gospel artist Andraé Crouch was admitted to the hospital on Monday, December 1.

As a result of Andraé’s sudden and unexpected hospitalization, Riverphlo Entertainment has decided to postpone this month’s Let the Church Say Amen Celebration Tour.

Ticket holders can contact the venues for information on rescheduled dates.

Andraé is talking and alert and resting comfortably, reports his sister.

Sandra Crouch says:

On behalf of Andraé and the Crouch Family, we appreciate your prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.

The all-star concert tour was scheduled to kick off in Philadelphia on December 6th, paying tribute to Andraé’s legendary career and featuring performances by some of today’s top Gospel artists, including CeCe Winans, Marvin Sapp, Marvin Winans, Israel Houghton, Rance Allen, Gerald Albright, Marcus Cole, Keith Staten, Vonnie Lopez, and Leon Timbo.

Tour dates are currently being rescheduled for March/April 2015. A revised tour schedule will be announced before…

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